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Thursday 26/6/97

This week is the final week of the UKCL, and we have no game, so effectively the UKCL is over for CP. The next season is due to start very soon, but until then it leaves our weekends looking quite uninteresting. So, if you fancy a match against any clan, just challenge em, hopefully we can get a few friendly's organised for the weekends.

Need a volenteer to write match reports, they will be posted on the Wars section. I can't write the things to save my life, so if anyone could help out here, it would be much appreciated.

Game against QL last night didn't go well :(, Keeper had to leave just as the game was starting, damn parents :(, this left us a man down, I fired up my modem and joined as soon as i could, but by the time I arrived I had missed over half the game, and the QuakeLords had a healthy lead. The final score was somewhere in the region of 118 - 40 ish.

Please remember we have a MCW game every week, which we practice for every Tuesday at 8pm. Only 1 modem player, Keeper, turned up for this weeks practice, although Smebo and Nitric both informed me beforehand that they wouldn't be able to make it. The reason for this may be that everyone doesnt know about the practice, well, you do now :).
I have added a permanent list of the weekly events above, please try to attend whenever possible. If it appears that people are not attending any of these meetings, then their place in the clan will be reviewed.

 Wednesday 25/6/97
Well, been working on the site most of the day (The rest of the time playing Quake!), hope you like how its looking so far, it will get better :)
We have a match tonight in the MCW against the QuakeLords, the map is E2M1. Any modemers that can make it, please be on clannet irc, #UKCL, at 8pm. The game starts at 8.15pm.