Welcome to the Royal Court of Clan Pendragon. If you have anything to say, please mail it to me, Drool. Step inside...
Thursday 31/7/97

Spud in the ol' recruitment office has been working overtime again. He brings to the clan Scary and Zero, 2 more LPBs to strengthen our ranks for the UKCL. It really looks like we could be in with a chance. Scary showed his class in a friendly with the Quake Lords yesterday. It was quite a pleasant result. Zero will make an appearance at UKCL practice tonight.
The MCW Season 1 has now finished and I'm pleased to report a valiant effort against QPD in our last game earned us the right to stay in Division 1 next season. Report soon. I'm sure we can gain at least 1 place next season now our turn-outs are beginning to rock. The Quake Lords won the league on ratio difference from Demonic Core and The Dominion, with QPD in 4th, us in 5th, and CIX, TD and CC in 6th, 7th and 8th respectively.
Speaking of CIX, a report of last week's MCW against them is now up. Final score was 103 - 93 to us.
On a sadder note, Pundit has left CP and Orlith joins Carnage at Demonic Core.
The next UKCL season kicks off with a match against the Dark Preachers at 3:00pm on Saturday. We are playing on UKCLDM4, which is a pretty cool level. Next week's UKCL Match is against Terminal Gibbage on UKCLDM1, at 3:30pm on Sunday 10th August.


 Monday 21/7/97

Unfortuately we got thrashed by the Demonic Core in our MCW match. I havn't written a report, because I wasn't playing. The others have politely declined from writing a report :-).

This is a very important MCW game on Wednesday against CIX at 8.15pm and don't forget the MCW Cup this Saturday & Sunday.
We have 2 new members, Mouserat from GI and Scrunter, both dead good LPBs. This should give us a lift for the imminent start of UKCL season 2 in 2 weeks time. Pundit is one of our division admins so we should be well informed.


 Sunday 13/7/97

Had a slightly disapointing game against The Dominion in the MCW which we lost 152-88. Read the report here. Our next MCW match is against Demonic Core on E1M3. It will be very tough but I think we can do better than last time. Here is a run down of next week:

Sunday: 8pm: 1st MCW practice meet on IRCnet channel #kod. 
9pm: Friendly vs Quake Lords, meet on IRCnet channels #kod and #kodvsql.
Monday: 9pm: Practice/Talk whatever.
Tuesday: 9pm: 2nd MCW practice. LPBs are very welcome too.
Wednesday: 7.45pm: DC vs CP MCW match, Map E1M3. Please meet on IRCnet channels #kod and #ukcl.


 Saturday 5/7/97

Got the CC match report up, go read it.


 Thursday 3/7/97

K, I've got all the clan pages sorted and complete apart from the files page which will be forthcoming. Keeper (me) will be updating these pages, but if you have any contribution to make, I'd be glad to accept them.
I'd like to thank everyone who turned up for the MCW game yesterday. So Smebo, thanks :-). No seriously, the turn out was utter wank. Clan Corpus were very patient and we finally managed to get a team together 50 mins after the intended start. We played DM3 and it soon came apparent, that while we have the talent, the lack of turn-out at practices has seriously compromised our tactics. We were leading until halfway but then CC's superior teamplay showed and we could barely get a decent weapon for the rest of the game. A report will be up soon.

If your excuse of not turning up was that you didn't get an email about the match, its probably due to the turmoil CP has been in recently. Also, you could have looked at the MCW homepage, I hope I'm not updating it for nothing. I'm halfway to becoming leader of CP so expect some informative emails soon with practice and match dates and stuff in.

I've completed these pages quickly because I won't be around this weekend, but I will still have the facility to email, expect some.