Welcome to the Royal Court of Clan Pendragon. If you have anything to say, please mail it to me, Drool. Step inside...
Tuesday  30/9/97

We WON our MCW match against The Dominion. Time for all CP to fell chuffed I think. Hell, you may even want to read the match report, and watch Drool's demo.
Private page also updated.
I'm off to Uni pretty soon. My accomodation is all screwed up too, though I they have given me some very cool temporary accomodation. I havn't get a network connect, and I'd be very lucky to get one when they find me a permanent place in the Halls of Residence. I can, luckily, play as LPB from Uni (99% possibilty), and I have a reasonable chance to get a phone socket in my room to play in the MCW. So ceya soon. Sid's off too, infact tomorrow, and he is less sure about Quaking from Uni.


Monday 29/9/97

I've put up the info for Spud, Krush, Mouserat, Blokey, Drool and Nitric on the members page. I'm still waiting for everyone else. Beware, otherwise I'll fill you're info in myself :->.


Sunday 28/9/97

Keeper here. I came back slightly early from my hols so I have a bit of time left before I go off to uni.
Drool did an absolutely brilliant job with the collection of match reports he did and updating the diary and clan war pages with the new colour scheme. Cheers m8!
I've finally got round to fully overhauling the web pages, and adding the parchment background. This indeed, is a major update (and the last one from me for a while).
Drool updated the Clan War pages with reports and stats for the UCKL FAS and RTW, and the MCW CIX, XC and TFS games.
I've updated the Diary page. There is also an important update to the Private page.
We have the Dominion revenge match on Tuesday, so lets get a good turnout for the practice (LPBs too) and the match. See the diary page for details.


Monday 22/9/97

Drool here. Keeper is away so to keep us up-to-date I've sort of 'redirected' the front end of the clan pages via my own web space and updated the diary and clan war history sections. Everything else points to the original site and Keeper is welcome to teef the updated info when he gets back from hols and 'socialising'. :)


Monday 1/9/97
One member of the clan said that the web pages were shite (well he was a bit more polite but that's what he meant ;-) ) so I've started a major overhall.  The pages will be in a state of 'under construction' for quite a bit of time.  As you can see, I've already done most of the news, home and members pages (Except for heading graphics).  Part of the change is to introduce a much more comprehensive members page, with stuff about YOU on it :-).
If you missed it, you will need the Lincoln font to view the new pages in a way that does not look like pure something or other.
Having said that, I'm off on my hols for the next 9 days, so I'll miss updating stuff and organising the MCW.  Sid stepped in to do this task.  Before I go, I have updated the diary page (old style) so you know what's happening.

Also, I have created a cfg for DM2 (and beyond) which has some more useful macros.  Grab it from the private page (old style).
Finally, My UKCL league table for Division C has been updated to show positions after week 4.