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Saturday  25/10/97

Late update (sorry I've been busy):

We got slaughtered by Demonic Core in our MCW match Tuesday, 146 - 25. I suppose basically it was because we had no tactics for this map (E2M1) whatsoever, due to us not having a proper practice whatsoever. Anyway stats are up and you can get a demo from my perspective yet again (it's in two parts coz I got disconnected at one stage :/).

I don't think we're in danger of giving away defaults anymore - as the regular showers (namely myself, Blokey, Slayed, and Nitric) always seem to make it, but if nobody else can make practice, how we gonna improve our tactics?! We need to be tested!

What's more, is there no desire for others to play? I for one have said for the past few games I'd rather stand aside and spectate to let someone else play for a change.

We have a pretty healthy modem squad now, with the aforementioned modemers plus our new recruits J.D. and Darkside, but remember we're currently without the likes of Keeper (who may have a uni connect soon, but not modem), Sven (who says he has an attrocious connection), Smebo (who'll be away until Christmas hols), Fab (who's on a break - come back we need you!), Sid (who'll be back soon in a coupla days now), and with Ledge and Spud gone, we may need to recruit some more LPB's...

We had a mini-friendly on Thursday with a newly-formed clan, the Dark Priests of Sin... check out their report. DPS's LPB's are absolutely excellent (I know them as friends from my uni), and their modemers aren't bad either considering most of 'em have really only started playing Quake. I reckon we should make these friendlies a regular thing...


Sunday  19/10/97

We had a very comfortable victory in tonights UKCL match against the British Knights, 377 - 26. We dedicate this match to the great Spud, who recently announced his (temporary) retirement. :)

Match stats are up and you can get a demo from my perspective again.

This leaves us with an unbroken record of 10 out of 10 wins so far, and with only Clan Cornholio left (who are at the bottom of the division), it's almost a cert for CP to finish top spot! Well done lads!


Wednesday  9/10/97

The Quake Lords beat us in the MCW last night, 120 - 41. Despite the loss we all did very well, sticking to our tactics and causing regular distruption to their own. Were it not for our inferior pings, perhaps it would have been at least a lot lot closer! :)

I've put match stats up - report will follow shortly - and you can get a demo from my (Drool's) perspective, and one from Nitric.


Thursday  2/10/97

I've changed the graphs on the Dom match report.  They are now made in Excel, and have time remaining on the x axis.

Private and diary pages updated.