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Tuesday 25/11/97

Keeper the selfish bastard

Since I'm know using 800x600 instead of 1024x768 I decided to scale down the graphics so they look right at 800x600.

Looking back over the last 2 month's news, it seems I've failed to report some new members. So welcome Drum&Bass, Darkside and Judge Dread - 3 cracking modemers.

Sunday 23/11/97

Hello there again people. Have finally got myself sorted Quake wise (and other wise) at uni, I'm here to say hi. Hiiiii. Right, enough of that. Onto the details of my first game as a LPB :-).

DC. Demonic Core. You know them. Crap. Couldn't hit a barn door at 2*1020 paces. Well they frankly suprised us. They didn't field Sujoy. Not that they're team was much harder to beat. Nightwing, Orlith (grr) ,Carnage (grr) ,DD and Zoser. Against Me, Spud, Mouserat, Fab and Blokey. We thought we'd give the spectators something to talk about. We led 55-37 after 10 minutes. DC started having kittens. Then maths came into play as Nightwing + Quad = Buggered. The spectators started talking about yesterday's hangover and discussing eyeliner tips. We lost 283-142. A good result really. And I think we will probably do better next time. In fact, I think we're improving. So there.

Erm, what else happened since the last update. Ahh! Shit-a-brick of course. We've signed a lovely little modemer called Slick from Niq. He'll cuddle up beside you and knaw at your cheeks before gouging your eyes out and tenderising your face. But enough of my fantasies. He's impressive. And we really do want to change from being the Coventry of the MCW to ooo, Newcastle say.

Talking about close shaves (no thank you), pissing arund with the figures in me head, we missed having to play a MCW relegative play-off by 1 frag. 1 frag. But we were confident all along (cue brown underwear).

Our modemers had a friendly with a Swedish clan called CP strangely enough. Thats why they picked us. Clan Potatoes. Erm no, hang on. Clan Protestants? Clan Potestas. That's it. Probably means 'Bunch of Threshes'. No, I'm not telling you the score. No, no, no. ok, then, send me Geri Spice and I'll send you the score back when I'm finished.

MCW Cup coming up soon. Like to see Slick there. It's next weekend so can Drum&Bass and Darkside make it?. J.D. too, especially if we get to play Demonic Core again? Should be a game for everyone (unlike the last Cup, where me, Nitric and my dog turned up). First game is against Minos Academy on the Saturday, but I don't know the time yet.

We also have a friendly against QPD next Sunday at 8pm. Cocky? Us? Nahh. Just mad. Or maybe not...

I've split up the members page into active and inactive sections. If you think your in the wrong section, tell me and turn up more!

Well, I've run out of things to say. Tum ti tum. Nope, not a word. Until next time I can be arsed to write. Ciow.

Sunday  2/11/97

We had a close shave again for the end of the MCW season as a result of losing to QPD on Tuesday - thinking we may have had to play XC in a play-off - when actually we finished fourth from bottom and completely safe from relegation. As ever, stats are up on that game and a demo available. T'was a good fight.

Spud is back!! YEAH! He decided life was too crap without Quake and will return as an active member of CP, albiet in a slightly diminished capacity than before.