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Friday 26/12/97

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas. We did.

Ohh, and I finally did the reports and stats from the MCW Cup. They're on the Clan War page.


Tuesday 21/12/97

Easy Come Easy Go

A belated clan welcome goes to Slick, and welcome also to a very recent addition (we just got him today), Tyro... two excellent new modemers.

And a not-so sad farewell to Drum&Bass and Darkside who haven't turned up for a single game since they joined. :/ It's a pity because we know them to be good players, but if ppl can't be arsed to turn up once in a while or even email to say they're awake, it matters squat.


We pounded SAS today in two legs of brutal poundedness. :) Sadly I wasn't there but I DO know we pounded them. ;) And pounded them silly we did. There was mention of someone writing up a report but you know how that is... don't hold yer breath. :)

Talking of stuffing... have a Merry one this Xmas...