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Thursday 15/1/98

And back comes Tyro.

UKCL is upon us soon, in fact it starts this Saturday. Our first match is against CIX so I'll expect quite a few peope at praccy tonight at 9pm...

We also need at least one of our more elusive LPBs to play regulary this season, eg. Scary.

CP(B) played a QFFL match on tuesday. Though we have had to suspend Slick for 4 games because a banned substance was found in his urine at a random drug check last night. CP(A)'s game didn't go ahead due to a server crash which was pretty lucky really cause we were 1 player down.


Thursday 8/1/98

Happy New Year people.

Both CP teams played their first QFFL matches this week. Those games were bleeding mad with 16 players on a small level with deathmatch 3 rules.

Tyro made a swift departure, but welcome FuFu from DPS, another cracking new modemer.

Updated the diary & clan war pages and I added a stats section to the members page.