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Monday 16/2/98

We'll I hope the clans at the top of Division 1 are happy that their threatened dominance is not threatened any more. The predictable departure of any good player we have has occured, and as the old adage goes "if they look strong, weaken them".

We are now down to 5 players in the clan, with a mixture of bad-fortune and a baseball bat in the midriff. It is interesting to note, that if noone had left CP, we would now be worthy of beating the best. I thought we could go that a few weeks ago, in our games against XC and QL, but it couldn't be further from the truth now.

J.D. has left for the Quake Lords. Slick left for QPD. Tyro left. Spud's connection is too bad to play. Drool has just today been told that Games are banned in his computing lab. And, frankly I don't feel like playing, what's the point? I have handed in my resignation and I plan to take a short break from CP.

I hope that the 4 modemers and 1 LPB left play well. We don't have enough squad for the 2 QFFL teams now. And I'll guess we'll recruit some more and rebuild. But when 7 players move up to more prestigous clans you start wondering if they're any good players left, and in any case, your going to be up against the best + those 7 players now.


Thursday 10/2/98

Wow! An update!

If you come to this website and see there's no new news, and just leave, don't. Cause Drool has been updating the clan war page and diary page often.

Well, good things and irritating things have happened since the last update. Unsurprisingly, considering the frequency at which people leave CP for DC or QPD, Slick has left. I hope he has fun in QPD.

Tyro has also left.

Having got you all depressed (unless you happen to be from DC or QPD, in which your grinning evilly at your plans for world domination), I can say our matches recently havn't been bad at all.

We beat CIX in the first game of the UKCL which wasn't convincing but was fairly confortable. We then lost to DC, who were the better side, though we were missing a few key players which would have narrowed the score. Our last game was against XC, we played very well, especially JD on modem who died only once!!! I couldn't quite understand the scale of our victory, but suffice to say we had the lift ra (androm9) secure for the entire match, they never got a quad and there was usually 2 - 3 of us twatting them silly in the water ra area :-). Before XC came QL, but my time to emulate JD's success was delivered a cruel blow when the server had to be reset after I had 19 frags without loss. In the restart I did crap :-), but the rest of the team made up for it and we won confortably.

We play FA next week, but me and Spud can't make it. This doesn't have to be bad if we can get Scary & Mouserat playing. Don't forget its on Nitric's superb UKCLDM6, and FA are unlikely to be able to control all important areas of the map at once.

We've had a mixed time in the MCW, due to turnouts being streched a bit. We won against The-X confortably in week 1 but there was a fustrating match against HC the week after which could have been much closer. Then came the collosal ACME game, where we only had 4 players 30 secs before the start of the game. We had no substitutes so when JD dropped near the beginning ACME took the lead. When he came back we fought back and were leading by 10 when Slayed dropped for 5 mins. When he came back we were 10 down but got back 20 frags in the last 10 mins to win 122-111.

The QFFL has been a bit of a git. CP(B) have a flawless record apart from a 'slight' mistake on my part of telling the clan the wrong time for a match, and as a result they turned up 30mins too late. We are back to 2 points down from MoD, so we really need to beat them twice to get back the lead.

CP(A) are having a harder time in a harder division, having come 2nd in one and 3rd in the next, due unfortuanetly by a connection problem with our 4th player. Looks like they have to pull their finger out to resalvage the league :-).

And a bloody long update it was too.