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Tuesday 31/3/98

We won the QFFL Finals!! :) Team B did an excellent job to get through to the Finals and, despite lack of turnouts recently, we managed to get lots of players willing to play that night. I wonder if the prospect of winning 3D cards had anything to do with it. ;) After a false start with the server crashing 10 mins into play on the Wednesday, a replay was had on the following Friday with CP (B) confidently annhilating the strong opposition of Xtreme Chaos, Death Gone Bad, and Offlers Horde. Stats and a demo is available.

The UKCL current season has finished with CP ending up 4th in the table, which is pretty darn good I think. However, we didn't last long in the UKCL Cup with our first match being drawn against DC. :/ You can imagine the outcome but the scoreline wasn't that bad actually. I'll get around to posting up stats etc. along with all the other games I'll be catching up on when I finish term at uni this week. :)

Sir Spud of Glasgow is no longer a CP. :( He's finally had enough of the clan stuff once and for all, as he simply finds it no fun anymore. On behalf of the whole clan I wish to thank Spuddy for the contribution he's made to the clan - with his Quake skills and knowledge - and for being a bloody good guy. :) All the best for the future, and we'll still see you on those FFA and 1-on-1 servers... but give Sujoy a whoopping for me plz!


  Thursday 5/3/98

Hello :-)

Since my last update we've signed two new LPBS, Lucifer & Tarquin - Welcome to the clan. We also lost against SAS in the UKCL - they played excellently on the day and deserved the win. But on the same map we beat the Quake Lords in the MCW! We'll played lads!

Nitric, level god extraordinaire, has delivered another offering, get his latest map here.