Welcome to the Royal Court of Clan Pendragon. If you have anything to say, please mail it to me, Drool. Step inside...
Wednesday 15/4/98
Well darn. That's another big loss. Not only have we lost a great player but our main tactics man. DOH! How the hell are we gonna win our future games in the new QFFL, MCW, and UKCL seasons? I'll tell you how... Practice! But we can only do this if players turn up, so we're gonna recruit like crazy! We want good modemers and especially more LPB's but we want reasonably committed ones! If you think you qualify, or know someone that does - email me.

We won our first QFFL game of the season tonight. Stats are up (amazingly). I've also put up stats for yesterdays Gib Guru game and also a game long ago against The X - our first of the MCW season.

Updated yet again is the Events page (renamed from Diary - thought it sounded silly, it wasn't exactly diary like) with an almost complete QFFL season 3 schedule in there.
I've decided to call it a day with Clan Pendragon after having a great time here.

I really thought the team that CP and I had crafted a team for the last UKCL season could challenge for the title or at least give give the top clans a hard time. Out of that team of Me, Spud & Drool (lpb), and JD and Slick (modemers), Slick went after the first game, JD soon after, Drool's uni banned all games & Spud decided to give up team games for the aforementioned reasons. Since I'm a little too competitive for my own good, I don't see a great deal to play for with CP in the new UKCL. So after helping CP secure a place in the MCW Division 1 for the 4th season running, I've decided to step down as a playing member like I did earlier as Captain.

The move is purely Quake related. The guys in CP are top blokes and I hope I'm still welcome on #ukclan_kod and I can still stick my oar in occasionally if you want :-).

The best memories for me:
Of course the top one has to be winning the UKQFFL Season 2 title though I still havn't seen the 3D card prize yet :-/. It couldn't have been won without the help of CP's modemers.
MCW: Beating CIX at the death in the last game of season 1 to avoid relegation & of course that fantastic win we had against The Dominion in season 2 on UKCLDM4.
UKCL: Winning after 10 minutes against DC on UKCLDM4 in the Blood Bowl Quarters.

See you around guys.


Tuesday 14/4/98

I've tidied up the web page a bit, renaming some sections and adding in some new ones. The clan Code of Conduct is here and of most interest, is the new internal 1-on-1 contest I'm setting up. This'll be just a bit of fun to see which of us has the best overal skill. :)

We've signed two new players, Styx and MatBraz (aka Toxic - ex-QPD)... welcome to the clan.

We lost our MCW game against TFS last week which was a bit of a blow seeing as though we were reasonably prepared with tactics and by having played a couple of friendlies prior to it (including one against QL which was thoroughly enjoyable and we came very close to winning if it were not for quad-man JD :)), but I think we managed to stay in the first division thanks to our victory tonight against the Gib Gurus. I'll bung up stats later. (Sheesh I have a lot of stats to catch up on!).

We've pulled one of our teams out of the QFFL league due to not having enough players. Hopefully it won't be an excuse for us to turn up even less, :) because if we're to win the QFFL and do well in next seasons' MCW and UKCL we'll need to practice more!

  Tuesday 7/4/98

I've updated the diary again with a full UKCL Season 4 schedule included. I'll add QFFL and MCW when I get them. Talking of MCW... I've also updated the stats to one of our rare victories - the Quakelord game. :) Slayed came top rank-wise! And I didn't finish last for a change.