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Tuesday 30/6/98
Supprise!! Another update, I must be really bored!

First, let me take this opportunity to tell the clan that during summer hols I won't be around much. I'll pop into uni maybe once or twice a week max, to update the webby etc. (and restart IRC bots and the HoH vaq server :)). I have no modem connect at home and that's not going to change I'm afraid. :( So you can now consider me inactive for sure this time. :) I'm gonna keep myself busy working on a new skin (Blokes! :)), hopefully completing a new dm map I've just started(!), and writing some cool applets and other stuff Quake-related.

We lost our last game of the UKCL season against QPD unsupprisingly, but we did very well, with us having an early lead due to a magnificent quad run from FuFu. Score 225 - 72.

I'll get around to a report as always but to whet your appetite, check out the XC and QFFL Final reports. Demos can be had from the History page. (Actually they're not so much reports as a bunch o stats - but nobody wants to write reports these days - maybe somebods will come forth? <hint>). If you're getting bored of those graphs btw, I'm writing my own log parser/stats generator applet that will incorportate an artificial screenshot thingy (woo!) that will show an accurate frag count for each player. This will redress the problem of dodgy screenies taken after ppl drop from server and losing their frags. I got a semi-working version here.

The Gib Gurus have disbanded. It's always a shame when a well known clan bites the dust, even more of a shame when the Gurus had an option to merge with us not so long ago. I'm sure they're already in new clans by now, a missed opportunity for CP to nab some fine players. But so much for 'CP are on their way down, GG are on their way up' eh. ;) We'll be here for some time yet I can tell you!

Correction. Did I say Nexus 6 came last in the QFFL final? Well I meant Rude Monkey of course! (What was I thinking).

Remember, TG game tommorow night.

Saturday 27/6/98
Anybody there?
Wow, at last an update!

Just to say we're still alive and apologies for the lack of news etc., but note that we still make a continual effort to keep the rest of the web pages up-to-date (Events, History - especially, Members, and Contest pages). I haven't updated the news pages coz I'm not a good writer, hate it, and no other arse wants to volunteer. :) Today I felt motivated (read bored) enough to bother.

So remember, the next time you visit and you don't see another news update, take a look at the rest of the site and hopefully you'll find something new. However, now exams are finishing (mine are at least, and i have the results already - I passed, you'll be glad to hear :)), the rest clan say they can help out with the web pages pretty soonish anyway. Coola.

Talking of web pages... we're thinking of moving to a new web host, coz as you may've noticed, spiritualnet is shit slow nowadays. Barrysworld aren't hosting any more new sites due to Llamanet taking over that role as they move their server to Barrys, so it looks like we might be moving to Llamanet (provided it's fast enough).

Right, clan news. Lets start at the beginning... A long long time ago now, a silly man suggested a merge - the Gib Gurus being first targets. Mwuahah. Initial talks were promising considering the difficulty of choosing a new clan name - both of us didn't want to lose our names and identity y'see! - the names 'Gurus of Darkness' <spit>, and particularly the 'Guru Knights' became a compromise name. However, there was difficulty reaching agreement on leadership etc. and the matter of the clan web page of all things that, when we took this idea back to the rest of the players, was rejected by both sides, and we didn't merge after all. Ho hum.

Turning our attention to the leagues... is enough to want you to turn away again. We're not doing very good it seems, with our downward spiral beginning with our demotion to division 2 in the MCW. This was due to a miscalculation on our part (we didn't win enough) and the admins decision to reduce the size of the divisions to make a shorter season. Grrrr... Oh we came 4th from bottom - no worse than previous seasons, in fact better - so it's some consolation I s'pose. We'll bounce back next season I'm sure. As for the UKCL... 7 straight losses so far and with only 1 game left (QPD!), will see us relegated to division 2 in that league too. But again, we'll bounce back. It's pretty good news though for the QFFL... we made it to the Finals and came 3rd after Happy Campers who took the crown, and Fallen Angels (A) who came 2nd. Nexus 6 came last. :) T'was fun!

I can only suggest the reason we've done so bad in the big leagues is down to the loss (again) of some of our finest players - Spud, Keeper, JD, Slick - none of which we could prevent really. Another reason though, which we could've done something about, is our naff turnout problem - particularly from the rest of our LPB players. I really do wonder if people join CP just because it's a fashionable name and don't actually intend to play. <sigh>

Apart from that we've had some excellent turnouts of late I must say, thanks to some new members, including Strider (from RX), Thug aka Von Swine, Jagz (from Moo), Lore, Popcorn, and a hearty welcome back to an old favourite, Redman! Also cool is that many of our modemers now have kick-arse Pace 56k-jobbies, and that Slayed has joined the land of the ISDN. Ya Low Ping Bastads!

And for the best news of all... Keeper is back!!