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Saturday 18/7/98
This week saw us twice beat 4K to first places in the MCW and QFFL. We actually have a written (yes, that's right - written!) report of the MCW game done by Blokey, accompanied with stats. Stats also available for QFFL game.
Ladder games are picking up, I think it's just a matter of reminding everybody that it exists! Still too many non-ladder duels for my liking. The tables are up-to-date as from today.

If you're that scared about getting pounded I have some suggestions: Choose a level that you know, just don't pick DM4. :) Learn a new level for a change like Nitric's UKOOLDM4 or QCON1 - that way you'll have an edge if ever it's played. Try a level with no quads or opt for no quads on a quaded level, like DM6 or DM2. And of course... Camp. :)

Events page updated with a complete QFFL schedule for the next few months. You'll have no chance with a long-term MCW schedule, but at least next weeks' game is known.

I've had a little more success with my Quake projects. My map->pov renderer thingy is now using textures much better than before (no streaky lines), and with some more refinements it'll be rendering some real cool pics! The follow-up project from this is to get a Quake player model converted for sexy rendering as well. The Competition mod is slowly progressing with a bug fix to the teammate telefrag bug. You can no longer get frags by telefragging or squishing teammates in TP3! I plan to release this eventually, but I need to know if the leagues are interested first. I'm testing it on the HoH vaq ( CP server though, so check it.

Tuesday 14/7/98
CP received a default last week due to a no show by EoA. Our modemers (and our astonishing pings!) were so raring to go that we had a lil praccy on the Barry's MCW server thanks to BigFoot.
We took a photo too. :) Say cheese.
We haven't played many internal ladder duels for a while now so on Saturday I decided to say what the hell and just play a few for the heck of it, against Lucifer (who thrashed me on all but UKOOLDM4 :) - QCON1 was a bitch tho). Luci is now top of the ladder. :)

I think everyone is too scared their precious efficiency will drop if they play bad in one game.That wasn't the point of this league! The reasons were three-fold: 1) to have fun, 2) to see who is best at what, and 3) to improve our general skill. Instead of forcing you with a sharp twisted instrument, I've changed one of the rules. Timelimit can be chosen by players... minimum of 10 mins, default 15 if both players can't agree.

I'll leave the rest up to you... Maybe that will get you lot to play more. Just stop thinking about your efficiency and play more for the fun of it godammit! :)

UK Mod
I've got myself yet another Quake project. (Sometimes I wonder if I'm ever going to finish the existing ones...). I'm tinkering around with bits of the qcc code for the QWRing mod that's used in the UK leagues. It's a bit dated now and I want to make a fresh one tailored for the needs of the UK league/clan community. The first thing that's gonna be fixed is the tp3 teammate-telefrag 'bug'. :)

Remember, 4K game tonight.

Tuesday 7/7/98
And again!
Another victory in the MCW against TG. I only have the stats to go on, but as they show, we made a tremendous come-back towards the end. Well done lads. Only next time, record a demo! :) /me gets lonely with no Quake here. Talking of demos... you can grab a partial speccy demo of the QPD game taken from Nitric's POV, just before he jumped in to replace FuFu due to a lagsome connect. Shame nobody got a complete log (grrr...) coz FuFu was rocking!

I've suddenly taken up yet another Quake project that's gotten my imagination working over-time. Basically I'm writing this Quake .map -> .pov (Persistence of Vision raytracer - i.e. computer graphics) utility that'll help render incredibly realistic piccies of Quake levels. Here's an example of one such pic. The textures are bit fooked coz they need rotating but I intend to perfect it further. Just imagine if it could be animated huh? Yes, I'm working on that too... :)

Remember, EoA game tonight.