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Saturday 12/8/98

Another break in the updates but nothing much has happened till this last week or so. The current MCW season is over and we get promoted to Division 1 again to join the big boys. Had we won last weeks' match against ZT we woulda beaten CiX to 1st place on efficiency, instead we settle for comfortable 2nd. Still, we can be pleased, we have the best efficiency in the Division. :)


The UKCL Cup is about to start - this weekend. We got SAS and ACME on Saturday, BB on Sunday. Check IRC for times. We'll be practicing alot during now till then so be about!


Deciphering old web pages and other sources I've manage to recreate tables for previous seasons. So far I've got UKCL Season 2, MCW Season 2, MCW Season 3 and MCW Season 4. If you happen to have other end-of-season tables, you know who to send them to. I'm willing to be CP have the most completest results section now, compared with any other UK (nay world!) clan. :)

Miscelen... Miselanus... Misc... Other Stuff

Fab, our graphics man, tells us he's working on some title graphics for the webby to improve the look of this place a bit.

We've been talking about getting rid of the 'dead wood' in CP - by that we mean the ppl who joined CP as trialists but haven't turned out once or responded to emails etc. - pre-emptively, I've removed them from the members page and reorganised it to reflect current status. I've also removed Scrunter who we've not seen since last Xmas. I've tried contacting him but it don't make sense to keep him on the inactive list for another 9 months! If you disagree, well slap me. :)

A final plea... if I'm not around and you play a friendly or match, bloody well record a log!! :) Or demo if possible. Add -condebug to the command line for qwcl.exe and you're set. (No it won't lag you). Ta.