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Thursday 17/9/98

UKCL/MCW Start Dates:
The next UKCL Season 5 starts on the 3rd/4th of October and will probably be in the format of 4 v 4, 20mins with two legs(3 LPBS - 1HPB). Probably a good idea to get our LPBS working hard again after there break cause were gonna need them to rock... :) A return to Division 1 should deffo be our goal.

The next MCW Season 5 starts the week of the 29th September, not too far away. Also, we are now back into the top flight after a short introduction to division 2, which if we wanna stay there were gonna need a bit more depth in modemers seen as were a bit short on them atm, :( so keep yer eyes open for some young talent. :)

QFFL Cancelled..

Yep, the qffl was cancelled this week due to the server being supposedly worse than doubt it'll be re-scheduled to a later date....

Saturday 9/9/98

Another 1st place in the QFFL, well played Darth for topping the scoreboard and Thug for best efficiency! Stats and demo is up. We go through to a relatively easy semi final, FA pulled out at quarter final stage due to a clash with their MCW final against SAS last night. :/


You can now grab the MCW Cup demos from the DGB, MM, and ZT games. I've also put up a QFFL week 6 demo from my POV, to show how chaotic it can be on some maps even for an LPB! :/ (Actually I was just crap). And if you're really bored, watch this.


Just tweaked a bit of the webby to give it a grittier look. Side menu renamed (again :)) coz I thought people might find the naming a bit obscure. It might have had the theme of knights and of olde times but it's a shit to navigate it if you don't know it.

Saturday 5/9/98

As you may have noticed, we got a new home for the webby! How d'ya like the shiny new welcome logo? :)

Slomo Spiritualnet will automatically send you here but make sure you update your bookmarks to, it's quicker. All we have to do is plonk a banner on the site and update often, easy enough? :) Many thanks to the great BarrysWorld for hosting us and of course to providing top class QW servers for us to while away our sad young lives.
Two Large Cups

Biggest news was our brief storm in the UKCL Cup where we had perhaps one of our best performances in a long long time, against SAS in the first game of the group. Everything came together to make it a convincing but adrenaline-pumping victory. It was very satisfying at least from my perspective coz I played a blinder compared with my recent standards. :) i.e shit.

Second game was ACME who was swiftly swept aside despite a scary ride in the first few minutes. BB was a much closer game, with just 2 frags in it! Bit of a scare that was. Thug has written a report, check it out! Demo links from the history page. These wins saw us come top of our group and thru to meet 4K on UKCLDM2...

It was a close game until about half way thru when we seemed to have it all sewn up. Everyone had RL's and we controlled the main areas including the Quad and slime room. Sadly, careless teammate kills let 4K back into it and we stepped back into that good ol' respawn, die, respawn, die routine... throwing away too many frags right at the end. 4K played equally well but I reckon we woulda had it won if we'd not be so careless. Shame coz I reckon we'd sussed TP2 in earlier games, especially on the much tighter E1M2. There are demos from 3 seperate perspectives, FuFu's, ZomB's, and a spectators.

In the MCW cup, we fell at the third hurdle after beating DGB and MM. ZT, who beat us in the last MCW league game of the season, did it to us again but with a much bigger margin. The map was E1M8. <grrr>

There's been much talk about the how appropriate E1M8 is, in what the admins say, is a FUN cup. Well fun is in the eye of the beholder and we've concluded the admins are blind! :) Fun it is NOT! Now E4M3 is a fun map, coz it's got lots of quads for everyone to party with and hence lots of action. But 4v4 on E1M8!? Aimlessly wandering about like a piece of flotsam isn't exactly action-packed. Yet I don't subscribe to the idea that it lags, coz you're just floating about and can't do much anyway except point, nope... it's just plain boring. At least when the QFFL did it, there was more ppl hence slightly more fun and action, even tho we came second to FA.
Other Updates

You might be interested to see recently uploaded stats for past MCW games against QD and V (in which Nitric royally kicked some). Demos can be had here and here respectively. I'll do QFFL stats eventually but they get low priority as they were shit games anyway. :)


Sad news on the modemer front. Fufu retires from Quake to concentrate on studies. :( We're taking bets on how long he can hold out though. ;)

This leaves us with not so many modemers and a helluva lot of LPB's! If you're looking for a clan, don't hesitate to contact us by email or popping into #ukclan_kod. No aliases or mouthy gits. :) We're a semi-serious semi-fun clan in the business of having some serious fun!


NNGGEE! I spit on the person who thought this one up, but I've just learned we might be moving into Quake 2! <shudder> More news on that when the clan finish washing their mouth out with soap...