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Sunday 11/10/98


Currently, we and the Quakelords are in talks about a clan merger. Note this is NOT a sign that CP is in difficulty, in fact we're pretty strong in number and our play is quality at present, however it could be said the Quakelords are struggling of late. But the main reason we're considering it is some of us believe we can make a stronger clan to compete with the likes of QPD etc.. Talks are still in progress.

All Change

Some of you may have noticed the site being down for the last few days. For some reason, our front page was wiped, I imagine in the process of Barrysworld moving host machines and changing passwords. All is okay now. For the few in CP that might consider updating this site, ;) ask me for the new password. Also note the private section password has also changed - ask me for that too.


I've subscribed us to a new all-in-one free mailing list from, which most of you should now be on. FA are already using it so I thought it should be good enough for us as well. Several members have been complaining they ain't been getting messages from the rest of the clan and it's very difficult keeping everybodies email list up-to-date. The addy is Mails addressed to this addy will be sent to the entire clan. If you're a CP and are not on the list, try this button below:



I just did some quick reports of the 2 MCW and 1 UKCL match so far this season. :)

MCW week 1: CiX. We started badly here and couldn't recover well enough despite some top notch Quad work by Sid. We had control at points but CIX attacked the quad room with up to 3 players at the same time it seemed and wouldn't let us catch up.

UKCL week 1: ACME. A messy start for both teams here. I got on a quad run early on which was spoiled by an amazingly jammy ACME discharge where 3 CP were killed. We soon recovered and stretched out a big lead. After I got to 31 frags I spent the last 15 minutes with a disconnect symbol on screen thanks to a dodgy phone cable. Someone kick me next time that happens. Strider had a good second half to the game and finished top. :)

MCW week 2: HC. Piss poor luck at the start with HC grabbing both rls and quad. All we had was Luc with a Pent SG. Papman and I spawned beside each other at the GL tele. Wtf!? Similar game to CIX where it took us a while to recover from a bad start then we got some quads and made a decent dent in HC's lead. Some ace play by Blokey on his new puter. :)


Monday 5/10/98

Thanks to Sid for the last news update, he should now be off to uni with another sizeable chunk of our players, including Keeper, Slayed, and FuFu... which means we may be a bit low on modemers from now on (altho Sid for one says he might be able to play as lpb).

However, we managed to fully attend our first MCW game of Season 5 with a defeat, so things are looking up. :) No actually they are... coz our bounce-back into Div 1 of the UKCL has also begun with a win against ACME. I'll put up stats later, I just can't be bothered right now. :]


Welcome to the clan two new members: Modemers Amgine (ex-DPS who's always been hanging around in our IRC channel every night :)), and Papman (Wireplay player of clan KT).

A quick reminder that I'm ALWAYS updating the rest of the site so don't forget to look even if this damned news page looks a bit ancient. Quite simply, I don't have the time to keep updating it and I hate doing it, so it seems the only way to make it happen is to have some CGI automatic-web update thingy so yous lot can do it from the click of a button (lazy gits).

Winshit '98

I got a very annoying bug with Windows '98 that I'm wondering if anyone else is getting. Smoothed fonts were working okay with my '95 setup before I upgraded and now it don't work properly no matter what I do. This is what I get:

The left is how it should look with smoothed fonts off, the middle shot is how it should look when it's turned on - all nice and smooth (albeit a tad blury at first sight, but you get used to that). The right is what I get in Netscape - all the smoothed pixels that are supposed to be a shade in-between the text colour and the background colour are all black. Yet it displays fine in ie4 and when I highlight the text in Netscape, but only then - it reverts back to blocky form after I deselect it.

Also my Explorer and File Select windows always show the file list sorted in date order. No matter what I do to the internal settings I can't change it. :(

Am I the only one getting this? Am I the only one that cares? :) Please, lemme know if you get it or not then I can tell if it's a bug in '98 or my setup...