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Wednesday 28/11/98


I've updated lots of stats today and attached several of Von's reports to em. Thanks geezer. Check out the entire results section, including MCW Season 5 which I've now moved to a page of its own seeing as it's finished for the season. I've also put up my rant that I mailed to BigFoot requesting a rematch for that farce of a TS game that admined (if snoozing == admining). Of course, we didn't get it (HAH what do you expect?!).

Also finished for the season is the UKCL. We're still stuck in the 2nd Divisions I'm afraid, but at least we didn't go down. :) Better luck next season. It ended with a victory against a 3-man RM squad, details from Von later...

Finally, I'm gonna take a wee break from Quake for the next several weeks so don't expect much of a response from me in IRC. :) Busy getting these big coursework deadlines out of the way. Check out my Computer Graphics coursework I'm working on. :)


Revenge is Sweet

Our Low Ping League winning ways continued with a 152 - 134 win over TS.

See the results section for a write up on the match.


Wednesday 25/11/98

The Good, the Bad, and the gawd damn Ugly

LPL continues to be our strong point, with another great result against ACME, the score being 310 - 31 to us. A very promising game from our point of view and to cut a long story short we kicked arse ;-). Respect to ACME for being top blokes! (Report of the game in the results section).

UKCL was....hmmmm disapponting to say the least. Lack of a real practice on the level added with a crap turnout for the game resulted in a caining at the hands of F9. Final score was 213 - 68. Congrats to F9 for a top display.

MCW turned out to be a gem of a game. If you wanna see the game of the century with mad skillzz present all over the place..rocket jumps to shame Thresh with, a game so tense its worthy of the UKCL cup final then DONT, i repeat DONT watch this.This was a game with absolutly.......NO action at all :p. Get your arses to the results section and check out that demo.


Tuesday 10/11/98


The new LPL Kicked off last week and for us, a very encouraging result against Quta on E1M2. The matched started off quite close while both teams were jockying for position but after 5 or so minutes we had the level locked down making it very difficult for Quta to get back in. All in all a well played game ending 224 - 47 in our favour.

Our match in the QFFL was a manic as ever though unfortuantly once again only 3 teams showed, these being DN. ZT and us. Still, an
entertaining game to say the least.

Match reports can be found in the Results section.

NO Merger

After many talks with the QL chappies, Tung came to the descion that it would be best if the QL's disbandened rather than to merge with CP. Thus giving them the opportunity to re unite for Q3A if they so wish.

Whos a lucky bastard then?

One of our long time modemers, Nitric, has been granted soooper speeed by BT and has gotten himself on the ASDL trail.

All of the equipment has been installed and he is just awaiting the net card which should arrive on thursday.... So keep an eye out for him and his 2MBit connect.... I would be jealous if i wasnt already on Super Janet...o well ;)