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Saturday 27/02/99

Web Update

CP Members will be happy to know that the cob-webs from this site will be dusted off and replaced with the fragrance of Pledge Furniture Polish. (Whether they had furniture polish during the times of Sticks and Swords is another matter) Over the next few days I'll be updating old and crusty sections of this Web space with more data to keep you people occupied during the frequent boredom hours that occur on IRC.

Mayo will hopefully sort out the schedule table within the very few hours remaining before tomorrow and dazzle us with his Access97 based scheduling skills (Spooge.)

Oh how rude I feel, did I mention that CP has accepted a merger with DPS? We now have 4/5 extra members to place on our members list as a result (Gimme time to update it will ya!) First up is Mayo (mentioned above), previously DPS leader. As an added extra he'll update the schedule list and probably e-mail the league matches on a weekly basis. (Sure you aren't in some kind of Train Timetable Union Mayo?) Then theirs Acolyte, he's one of the lucky LPB's that float around Britain doing sod all at Universities. He'll hopefully set up temporary servers should Drool be ripped away from his gangrenous seat. Third up is Fishmonger, the smell alone should scare off any rival clans :). Yet another HPB that shows talent on ffa servers and relatively nice fraggin skills. Fourth is Slammer, one of the most dedicated members to DPS if ever I've seen one! You can be sure he'll turn up for every match. Lastly is me, Flip, DPS oldie and resident Web Page guru. My job will be to update this and other pages whilst chatting utter pants on the IRC clan channel. I consider myself to be a highly experienced Quaker, but being a modest person I can't say that I'm all "bells and whistles". Still, I used to train people up. (Isn't that true Amgine? :)

Time to sign off for now. Reminder to Members that there is a MCW match on Tuesday. I feel that it would be a good idea for us to have as many practise matches as possible in order to improve TP before the match. Dwool wanna make a server for us? :)


Monday 15/02/99

Surprise Update #2

Well if Lucifer can, so can I. I wanna start with welcoming a few new members (I know they been in CP for a while now but noone mentioned it). There are 3 new peeps, all modemers =). First we have Papman who joined a while ago, second we have Anarchy and our newest modemer is Prehistoric who is very good. Now down to business. Ive done some new teammsg.cfg and I want all to use them !!THIS IS NOT A REQUEST!! =) I think they are good and many agrees with me so.....Ohhhh one more thing (This should have been said long ago too). I have also made some personal skins and they are also going to be used........!!!NO EXCEPTIONS!!! ;) If u havent got any of these tell me and ill send them to u ;P


Sunday 14/02/99

Surprise Update

Long time no update :( Drool decided to stop doing webby stuff, and we other lazy basts doesn't do much it seems (although some have problem spending their time!).
So I felt it was time for some1 to do something about the webby.

Loads has happened since the last update and I'll try to put some of it down. Our trusty (?) modem team showed their strength in the MCW cup, only losing to CIX in the semifinal, CIX later beat Dn in the final. They then went on to beat HC in the first game of the new season, but lost to TS in the following week. FPL, the follow up to LPL, has also started, with us losing all games so far :( Our performance in QFFL (*spit*) has also been worse than we are used too, although we are playing very strong teams like Dn. Season 6 of UKCL kicked of this weekend with us playing ACME on DM3 (as usual) and we won, much thanx to Beasts nice quadruns :)

On a sadder not we lost 2 of our members recently :/ Sid decided to play for HC this season to be back in CP for Q3 (like we will let him back in :p ) and FuFu playing for Dn in MCW, but staying with us for the other leagues. One thing we can rejoice over is that HC lost to us in MCW and lost first game in UKCL while Dn get beat by MOO's modem team in MCW (ta Hakeem for that one ;) ).

Hope this nice little update will show some ppl how easy it really is to do an update =]