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Thursday 29/04/99

FPL Farce

Well we had a rescheduled game today against the might that is DS. The fact their players are named DS.000, DS.007, DS.001 etc made it obvious from the start they were up to something. Indeed they were, aparently they are Erebus, Weed, Axen and Lecter.

The farce is that we due to our lack of practice and lack of LPBS at the moment aren't playing too well. We are in Division 3 of the FPL (there are 3 divisions). We expected to be playing clans of like ability. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. DS completely Owned us on DM2 (our map) and DM3 (their map).

I wouldn't have bothered so much if they were a good upcoming clan but for them all to be good players aliasing for a new clan, it makes me wonder how low these people will go to make QW as sucky as they can.

Thanks DS (full clan name unknown) for showing how low you will go and how sucky QW can be. We had a blast! NOT!

We still have 1 game left tonight in the FPL, our scheduled game against The-X. Should be a good game. At least this time, we know who we are playing and will have fun regardless of a win or a loss.


Wednesday 28/04/99

Problematic MCW

Our new recruit Roach (excellent player) couldn't play in the MCW this week due to rules (gotta be in a clan for 2 weeks prior to playing in a game). Von took the chance of playing by calling BarrysWorld from IE. We had the game sewn up after about 3 minutes with PN scrambling to get a RL. Von timed-out 15 minutes into the game, resulting in us playing with only 3 players for about 5 minutes. PN got their chance to get back into it and punished us with excellent camping. Shame really but these things happen.

I'm not sure of the final score, still gotta watch demo :] I don't think there was much in it at the end as I remember seeing PN in the lead by 5 frags with 1 minute to go.

Anyway, well done to PN for sticking to their task and gaining the win. I've arranged for us to have some praccy games with them on future MCW maps.


Tuesday 20/04/99

News Update

Well I suppose it is time that some poor soul updated and well I sort of said that if we win today's MCW game I would do it...well as you have guessed we won our first game in the new season of MCW against F9 187 - 114. Things are looking good. Demo is here. We have also rejoined UKQFFL and came 2nd though we didn't field our best team but well ukqffl is meant to be a laugh anyway. 

So whats happened since the last update? Ermm lots I will prolly forget to include something. Anarchy now has ISDN and is rocking big time and Strider is now on modem and is rocking:) Oh yeah we have a new member for our modem squad...ex-dgb player Deathstorm. We (I think anyway) have started some type of organisation whatever that word means and it seems to be paying off...but we will have to see whether this so called organisation tactic works (I have heard of other clans have lots of success by using "organisation":). We 0wn3d DN the other day in a praccy too:) Gotta mention all the good things that have happened. Unfortunately the Irish-mainland link is still shite so none of our Irish players have been able to play in a while but I here that CW (Von, Tomb and Beasts clan, sorry if I have left anyone out) have a big game against some other Irish clan...well good luck to them (don't know what is happening in the clan scene).

I think that is about it...but I am sure someone on IRC will have something to add.