Sunday 2nd Feb UKCL Game vs Clan Corpus

KOD vs Corpus

This game was a rite rocks up, took about an hour to get going and most of our guys left coz of crashes. I must point out that does not reflect the efforts of the UKCL staff as its a QuakeWorld Problem beyond their control and these guys were mega patient with us fuckers winging about it!!

Anyway I volunteered to sit out as we had too many players. (QuakeWorld always crashes for me coz its a buggy piece of shit, but hey its free!!)(PS thats coz no fucker would buy it thats why!! Ok moan over:=) )

Anyway Rawmeat pulled some more LPB's from somewhere as he was short of members too! (even tho UKCL rules state only two LPB's per team).

As our guys were struggling with disconnections, after which some of em gave up and left with a few frags and couldn't get back in. At which point i stepped in to help out and in no time was kicking fuck out of em:=) Note mine and Crushers connect times and their pings:)


Any way it was decided this would be a re-match coz it was a complete town halls. Watch this Space