Code of Conduct
The purpose behind the code of conduct is to layout some simple rules to regulate the conduct of clan members and how the clan operates. It is not designed to turn the clan into a bureaucratic institution.
Voting is required to focus a consensus in a more formal manner. It is important that we use it carefully and do not get into a situation where we are continuously voting. It is assumed that clan organizers make decisions on behalf of the clan on a day to day basis. The issues where voting is appropriate are: new clan members, clan structure, clan skin, and disciplinary measures.
It is each member's responsibility to vote. "I was on holiday for 4 weeks" is an acceptable excuse but "I will just see what happens" is NOT.
Rules on voting: Member Behaviour
All members are representatives of the clan and their behaviour reflects on the clan. Members are required to behave in a sociable fashion with game organizers, members of their and other clans. It is accepted that teasing is a regular part of the game but sometime it goes beyond this into outright abuse and slanging matches. This will NOT be tolerated and excuses such as "he started" it are lame. In the event that a member lets the clan down in such a way, other clan members will decide on that member's fate. This will take the form of a vote that will decide whether they should be suspended or in extreme cases thrown out.
New Clan Members
The influx of new members is important to keep a clan alive and competitive. It is important however to control the intake so that the clan does not take on more people than can play and takes on suitable candidates. Potential members can only be invited by one of the clan's "official" representatives. The new member is then on trial for a period of two weeks. After the two weeks he will be assessed. The assessment will show how frequently the new member turned up for clan matches (friendly, official, and training) and anything that may be pertinent. This will show what level of commitment that member has to the clan. After the assessment there will be a clan vote on whether he should join in this instance a period of a week will be given to take the votes.
Clan Skin
The clan skin is used to be able to identify a member as one of the clan and to give the clan some identity. It is required that each member set their skin to the "official" clan skin, kod3a, during clan matches and practices. Members should not "do their own thing". The clan skin can only be changed by a majority vote.