Internal Ladder Rules
  1. Ranking operates on a ladder-type system. A win moves you up one place, a lose or a draw means no movement up or down the ladder. Players can occupy the same rung as other players at any time. An alternative tabling system will run in parallel using stats provided by game logs. This will be ranked by ‘skill’ generated by GibStats. (How it calculates it I haven’t a clue).
  2. Games are to be played with the Crystal duel mod on HoH vaq ( and at least one of the players must make a client-side log, which must be sent to me. This is done by putting ‘-condebug’ on the command line when executing qwcl.exe. If players cannot agree who should do this, both must make a log! (This is only a temporary measure until I manage to get GibStats to understand a server log properly).
  3. Duration is decided by both players (minimum 10 minutes) on an agreeable map. If both players cannot agree on game duration, 15 mins will be default. If both players cannot agree on a map, a random choice will be made from the following list: DM2, DM4, DM6, UKOOLDM levels 1-9, or QCON1. If you think I should include any other maps in this list, please tell me.
  4. Players decide whether quads should be enabled or not. Again, if players cannot agree, a random choice will be made (I’ll flip a coin).
  5. Participants in this contest can play as many games as they wish with any other participant provided they abide by the rules above. Only members currently in Clan Pendragon may participate. Players which defect to other clans will be struck off the ladder just as if their games had not been played (cowards!).