Captain Choadsmoker
Real Name : 
Nick Elliott
Handle : 
Age : 
Location : 
Preston Lancashire ATM, currently living in Whitehaven, Cumbria. Originally from Newcastle.
Occupation : 
Chemical Engineer and Consumer Thereof :)
Likes : 
Drink, Birds, Me 380Bhp Cossie, Stone Island Clobber, Wedge, Loot, Moola, Cash...
Unusual Talent : 
The ability to get turfed out of any establishment for no apparent reason whatsoever... It was that girl Stella's fault your honour...
Clan Job : 
Lazy Muthafucker.
Fav Level : 
DM4, DM2.
Connection : 
56kbps modem
E-Mail :
Webpage :
ICQ No :