Knight Mouserat
Real Name : 
Dermot Friel
Handle : 
Age : 
22 or 23 I think
Location : 
Galway. Ireland. Usually a *real* comfy chair
Occupation : 
Postgrad developing a GSM based data service platform in VB and C++.  Included full description in case some expert out there has already done so.  Mail me solution and I mail you hard cash.  (No referances can be given in final thesis, this is an under the counter job, sorry).
Likes : 
The new Jetstream oven, now available with easy to use expander rack from Interwood products.  The slow motion running scenes in Baymatch.  Beers.  Birds.  Banoffy Pie.  Quad damage lightning gun on DM4.  The simple things in life really.
Unusual Talent : 
Discovering wonderful new errors to confound, amaze and delight Tech Support phone answerers all across the globe.  Currently discovered 5 completely new errors in VB and Borland C which have never ever ever happened to anyone else.
Clan Job : 
Running around with shiny armour and a rocket launcher.  Gotta admit, I quite like it.
Fav Level : 
1 on 1 - DM2.  Teamplay - any level where the team carries me and all I have to do is take out people with my rocket launcher.  Cheers team mates!
Connection : 
Shared 2Mb line.  Sometimes its like the crack.  Sometimes its like the crack of my arse.
E-Mail :
Webpage : 
My early Quake days are recorded at  Don't mind the demos, I've improved...
ICQ No :