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Tuesday 12/06/2007
castle wall

We're back

Our antagonist finally got bored and relinquished our channel, so we're back in #ukclan_kod as per normal but with L-bot for ultimate protection.

Would like to see more of you idling with us, though e.g. Anarchy, FuFu, Sid, Nut, Strider(!) - you're a bunch of slackers. Also if anyone can find out what happened to Flip please let us know (he very suddenly disappeared while playing World of Warcraft with some of us in those early days). Slayed, Spud, Mouserat, Blokey, Choad, Fab, Keeper, amginE, Sokem, Roach, Vanish, Von, Darth, Cloud-Warrior - there are many more of you. Please, any ye 'ol kodders or acquaintances, drop by IRC and say hello.


Saturday 09/06/2007
castle wall

In case you're wondering....

What happened to #ukclan_kod, some kid decided to resolve a trivial argument by taking over the channel with the QuakeNet service bot L. As you know, we only had Tor, but we trusted regulars to be mature with ops. I know what you're thinking - is this news post really from 2007?! Oh my gosh (an update too!). Yea we thought playing silly buggers on IRC was a thing of the past as well - not since the days of Tyro or Twinkletoes did we have to contend with this sort of childishness. I'm sure us adults all have better things to do.

So we're now in #cp-kod for the foreseable future, with L and Tor. Come idle yon knights! :)


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