Friendly 29/7/97 6 v 5 E4M3 20mins
Clan Pendragon 131 - 101 Quake Lords
Final Scores after Scrunter adjustment:
CP-Scary/Amos (dropped on 17mins) 32
CP-Spud 32
QL.Gerbs 27
QL.Ettu 27
CP-Keeper 24
QL.DarkAngel 21
CP-Fab 15
CP-Scrunter (mod problems) 15
QL.BabyFragger 15
CP-Slayed 13
QL.Strobe 11
What can you say?
We beat the UKCL champions.  Scary impresses in his first match.  It might have been 6 v 5 but Scrunter had problems with the mod - he was on his one seperate team for all the match which meant he was getting hurt and killed by his own clan.  So he got a good score considering I killed him 3 times :-).  Spud did very well too, and he has a demo of the match which will soon be up in the files section.  It was noticable that Ettu wasn't on form, but we didn't give him a chance anyway :-).