Friendly 17/8/97 5 v 5 UKCLDM2 30mins
Clan Pendragon 292 - 78 Rude Monkey Clan
Here's a demo.
Unfortuately, this game was planned to be for the UKCL, but a specator, Sven, forgot to use [SPEC] talk when he was pointing out that the pentagram was free :-).
Anyway, the game got off to a good start for us, with us capturing the rl/ra area.  The Rude Monkey Clan quickly took the ramp rl area in defence.  CP used the rl/ra area as a base, and picked off RMs as they came to attack.  CP's attacks on the ramp rl area were mostly thwarted, however, due to their strength in numbers and that only one cp was attacking at a time (because we were too concerned about the rl/ra area).  When RM did break through, it was never for long and they were pressurised back into the ramp rl area.  We did have more success in capturing the ramp rl from them.
Mouserat had a very impressive game and Fab amusingly cleared out the ramp rl area with a quad :-).
Late in the game, RM launched two massive assaults that lead to tense fighting for the rl/ra.  At one point CP were very much on the defensive, but as soon as RM broke through reinforcements arrived to pick off the weakened RMs.