MCW Season 1 Week 3 2/7/97
Clan Pendragon 77 - 102 Clan Corpus
Well this is my first match report, and it isn't a good one.  The turnout absolutely blowed.  When I turned up 5 mins before the game, I was greeted by Smebo, the only other KoD there.  Clan Corpus were very patient, and we finally got a team together 45 mins (!) after the intended start time.

We had a good start, showing them our flair and style.  But then something strange to CP came into the equation - teamplay and tactics.  See the kink in the 1st graph about a quarter of the way through?  Thats when CC started to hold the RL room in numbers and denied our team any of the decent weapons for the next half of the game.  Everytime I saw them there were 2 or 3 of them together.  Very different from our disparate gang.  Nearing the end TReznor dropped, which contributed to us finally breaking through their defences, and it looked like we could snatch it, but a quick counter-strike put payed to that.

The moral of the story - sod we need to practice.  DM3 used to be CP's best level but the teams we play nowadays are completely different to those played 2 months ago, to a man.  Because of this we are effectively a completely different clan so we need to get together for practices and learn each others styles, and formulate at least some guarding tactics.