MCW Season 1 Week 4 9/7/97
Clan Pendragon 88 - 152 The Dominion
Hmm, well The Dominion looked like they knew what they were doing.  They had a rather good start, getting 25 frags before we could do anything.  They seemed to have the level under control, generally ignoring the gl and rl near the quad and opting to regroup by the 2nd rl.  They would then get 1 player to teleport to the gl and wipe us out there while another player rocket jumped the quad.  Which brings me on to the quad...  Nice tactic they had and we didn't.  Mostly Bigfoot did this.  He rocket jumped to the quad area before it had respawned and waited for it while repressing us with rockets.  It was nigh on impossible to get him out of the quad area before he got it, and the quad rules so much on this level for clan matches, that we didn't have much chance.
I learnt from this tactic and used it with amusing success near the end.  It took me 26 mins to get a very poor 10 frags and then just 2 minutes with 2 quads to increase my total by 11 :-)  Shame we hadn't known this tactic beforehand.

As soon as we were losing, we sodded the tactics we had and just tried going around killing people.  Lets not do that again.