MCW Season 1 Week 6 23/7/97
Clan Pendragon 103 - 93 CIX
Uoh, well blimey.  What a match.  E2M2 is such a rocking level.  CIX's connects seemed rock solid, whereas CP's left something to be desired.  Both Smebo and Fab were on joke of the month Pipex and actually had to hide in corners for 5 mins while their pings were 999 :-).  Despite this, both players had bloody good starts, and were propping up me and Sid for the first half of the game.  Me & Sid couldn't hit a barn door at this point.  At this time all of CIX were performing well especially Dark Raven who was eating us for breakfast so they started to take the lead which stayed with them for the first 20 mins.  They had the rl room well guarded and with me & Sid on their side, Smebo and Fab were finding life difficult.
Sid then dropped, because Demon decided simply to hang up on him.  He was then greeted by engaged signals on re-dialing :-O.  When he got back into the game both him and me started to pick up our pace and CP started to dominate the Quad & RL area.  Smebo and Fab continued to show their quality with me and Sid catching up, until we overtook their score at the 3 minute left mark.
I'm not sure what happened for the rest of the game, cause I just camped the RL for the last 3 mins making damn sure CIX didn't get one.  One of their players dropped soon after, and then hey presto, the game was won.