MCW Season 2 Match 5 30/9/97 4 v 4 UKCLDM4 30mins
Clan Pendragon 97 - 91 Dominion
Clan Scores by Frags
Individual Scores by Frags
Individual Scores by Rank
Rel. Frags
Maniac.DoM  17  29  11  1  28  71.795  1125  1191 
CP-Keeper  8  28  19  1  27  58.696  1055  1148 
BigFoot.DoM  3  31  26  2  29  52.727  1045  1234 
CP-Sid  1  23  21  1  22  51.163  1015  936 
CP-Fab  -3  32  34  1  31  47.692  1070  1319 
CP-Drool  -4  19  21  2  17  44.737  1050  723 
MongoMan.DoM  -5  25  29  1  24  45.283  1005  1021 
Mayhem.DoM  -26  10  36  0  10  21.739  1000  425 
Totals / Av.  -1  197  197  9  188  49  1046  1000 
Even more bloody stats!
Dom - The Rematch
We knew we could do it.  We knew is was plausible after the right pasting ;-) we gave an unsuspecting KoD team with 3 LPBs to our none in yesterday's practice.
But we also knew the Dom game would be harder.  In the practice the other team didn't have any tactics, and they didn't think we had any new, radically different (for us) tactics.
Having said that, it started pretty well for us but didn't stay that way for long.  I spawned at the start in the perfect spot, and so did Drool from his demo.  There was, however, a fair amount of resistance with BigFoot racing ahead to an early lead with most of KoD evens on 1.  I found Quad LGing people was a bit of a pain in the arse, called BigFoot.  He was foiling me like hell around the Quad with his Rocket Launcher, though I did get my own back later.
Drool and Fab were having a tough old time in the red armor/grenade launcher room, but they were holding their own.  Sid seemed to be doing steady too, the times I met him.  Sid didn't exist on Drool's demo so I'm afraid I can't say much more about you Sid :-(.
Then, disaster struck!  Everyone in CP managed to die at the same time, and for the next 4-5 mins Dom were racing around gibbing me and the rest of CP.  I'm not sure how they did it, because even though I respawned in the usally peaceful areas I had a Dom with RL right on me - ie. To me they weren't guarding and stopping us get any weapons.
Luckily Drool and Fab steadied the ship, regaining the GL/RA room and giving Dom a focus for attacks.  This left me to zap away in peace and Sid also held off peeps round the YA above RL.  Things continued like this, with CP and Dom sharing the spoils and captures, until 7 mins from time.  We were getting quite desperate with 20 frags to regain.
And then everything just clicked into place.  I suddenly found it suprisingly easy to get the Quad - BigFoot wasn't pissing me off.  Fab and Drool had the RA/GL rock solid, and Dom were therefore starved of the 200% Armor.  Fab had a storming 2nd half.  Dom pushed into the RL area and this was just perfect for us.  With Sid harassing them from above and my clockwork Quad handy at clearing out rooms with lots of peeps with no armor, they took a battering in the last 7 mins.  It took us 4 mins to overhall the 20 frag margin and other two to build up a lead of 8.  The last 2 minutes were tense but ultimately quite.
I'm really happy with everyone's play, we played as a team and it worked.  One thing is for sure, we have damn well done so much better than our previous meeting with Dom in the MCW ( 88 - 152), and we actually beat a team that only lost 1 match last MCW season.  Also our UKCL victory against Dom (132 - 130) was pretty much won by 'brute force' and saviour Spud.  I think we could be slightly more competitive in the MCW now that for some (and possibly most) of the levels, we have foung that 'organic' tactics just don't work as well.
This is me, Keeper, signing off.  I may be some time.