MCW Season 5 Match 8
17th November 1998 4 v 4 E1M3 30mins TP2
Clan Pendragon 11 - 17 Tortured Souls
I come back from doing some uni work about 10 mins into the game, I check the server and see we have only 3 players. IRC is b0rked good and proper and I manage to stumble onto irc.intensive.

Nitric ICQ's me asking 'Where is everyone?'. He's sat on irc.barrysworld with no sign of any1 in our clan channel or #ukcl (or ICQ until I come along), and he's tried various other servers. So I give him game server details and he proceeds to join, only to time out first time around.

When he finally gets in, he's forced to drop coz TS have most of the map and spawns covered and he's losing us frags. Okay my first thought is it's a pretty bizaare situation and quite funny actually, :) but...

I wasn't aware of what was going on nor knew why Nitric couldn't get on, so I went in as spectator. I asked BifBoot if client locking was on, I also told him that Nitric couldn't get on! Despite spectator talk being off, NOBODY gave a damn response. I also asked BifBoot if we could restart, with Nitric. (My only reason for suggesting this was because I thought the match had only just started due to the low scores! :)) Since I was busy finding out why Nitric couldn't get on game server ffs!, it was only until I tracked some1 minutes later that I discovered the situation.

Things went from bad to worse when amginE timed out, probably relating to the DIRE pl! Now we were left with 2 players with 20% PL against TS's 4 with 20%, and 2 players who wouldn't DARE join in such a precarious situation! :|

Now wtf can't we have a replay after ALL this, yet RM get a replay merely coz DGB had an illegal player in there for a piddly few minutes,
yet one of RM was using Cheapo 2.4?? If rules are to be followed, then what about the rule that says players should be on IRC.BARRYSWORLD.COM before game? Nitric was, but wtf happened to the admins?

Not in their control obviously, but the map choice was! Just as it's their prerogative to bring about a decent game if they actually wanted to!

Like fuck they did.
Less said the better. Shittest server I've ever played on since Tomb set one up on his modem but like Bigfoot told us, if we'd had skill, brains or balls we could've won here. TS thrashed us 17 to 11.