UKQFFL Season 4 Match 5
12/8/98 4v4v4 DM3 30mins
Clan Pendragon 195
Nexus 6 154
4Kings 222
Clan Scores by Frags
Clan Scores by Rank
Individual Scores by Frags
Individual Scores by Rank
Names Frags Kill Deaths Suicide Efficiency Skill Rel. Frags Rank
4K^Zom.B 98 122 60 24 62.025 5.96 2.231 38
4K^haJ 74 84 61 10 54.815 1.803 1.685 13
CP·Dr00l 73 81 72 8 50.345 0.319 1.662 1
CP·<Slayed> 50 64 69 14 42.017 -3.064 1.138 -19
4K^YngOD 50 51 56 1 47.17 -0.6 1.138 -6
Nx30-Funk 45 48 39 3 53.571 0.434 1.025 6
<NX·19>·]V00[· 44 55 94 11 31.884 -7.585 1.002 -50
CP·<N][TR][C> 42 46 36 4 53.846 1.046 0.956 6
<NX·25>KiTTeN 41 49 61 8 40.196 -3.236 0.933 -20
CP.Thug 30 33 58 3 34.091 -4.403 0.683 -28
<NX·27>MATTSKI 22 28 56 6 28.205 -4.712 0.501 -34
NX8-CYC 2 3 1 1 66.667 0.201 0.046 1
KT·JeTHrO· 0 0 1 0 0 -0.15 0 -1
Totals / Av. 571 664 664 93 43.449 -1.076 1.000 -7
This is one of the shittest games I have ever played in, and it takes no genius to see why. DMM3 with DM3 just doesn't work! Yes DMM3 (Deathmatch Mode 3) is that one where the weapons stay, and DM3 is the one where the discharging Llamas reign supreme. No need for skillz, just respawn, dive in, and BzzzZZZT!

Now this combo might not be so bad in a FFA - at least it would be voluntary and you know it'd be full of Llamas - but this is the QFFL man! The Quake Fun Fun League as I like to call it. The point is to forget the extreme competitiveness of the other leagues and have some pure fun. It's DMM3 in the QFFL for only one reason - there's just not enough weps for 16 players - NOT so that you have a limitless supply to rack up the frags by discharging! Of course you play to win... but to win at all costs (I mean how boring is it to discharge all the fecking time??) and at the expense of other people's fun - well that's shitty.

But that's exactly what one of the 4K players did in this game. I won't mention any names coz the following stats show it all...

Individual Lightning Gun Suicides
Mmm, now 18 discharges ain't a lot you might say. Ah but how many people did he kill for it? How many times did he completely cock up their game because all they wanted was the GL or LG to play for real above water? Or how many times did he rob them of their hard earned RL or Quad simply because they were walking near the edges when the fish Llama had a spasm?
Individual Lightning Gun Kills
40 kills. Ah but you say he may've been very good with the LG above water that he got so many frags. That most of those kills were above water. After all, he was LPB. Here's a final graph...
Individual Lightning Gun Suicides
Look at the blips where it goes down just before the frag count goes up. Discharges! That's not just one enemy kill, that's often two or more. Notice our thug timing the pent to perfection and putting it to proper use, you see no blips on his line at all.

Discharging has now become an important part of team games, it's a sad fact. It used to be looked badly upon whenever you did it at all, but now it's an accepted practice in small team games where there's a good reason. i.e. you're running low on health, being hunted down with little chance of escape, or you have a pent and can safely live through the experience.

However, to discharge with the knowledge you can easily grab another good weapon straight after your death is complete Llamerish. And by an LPB in a fun league FFS! What is the world coming to?!

</RANT :)>