QFFL Season 5 Match 4
4th November 1998 4 v 4 v 4 v 4 CAMPDM5 30mins DM3
Clan Pendragon 325
4Kings -60
Zero Tolerance 214
Clan Denial 450
As a QFFL match, this one was no different. Still Mad, still a connect breaker. DN had a great start in this game along with Drool who was keeping with them at the start. This being only my second QFFL game, I was trying to find a good spot where the frags would come easily to me. Things were going well.... often holding areas like the YA, RL for sometime. Then Papman had to drop and we had no replacement for about 5 minutes. This is basically where we lost it to DN. But when he returned we played well in general. For the 2/3 minutes we held RA, RL on this level... I got about 30 frags which gave me the closely fought top spot..YAY.

Still Nitrics fave league :p