UKCL Season 2 Match 4 30/8/97 4 v 5 UKCLDM5 30mins
Clan Pendragon 127 - 98 Minos Academy
Rel. Frags
CP·K33p3r  39  44  31  55.714  1070  1546 
·CP·[Bl0keY]  37  45  35  51.389  1090  1466 
CP-Sid  28  31  21  57.143  1060  1110 
CP-ledge  24  30  40  37.5  1035  951 
ceegee.MA  23  24  40  36.508  1000  911 
Umquat_MA  21  24  29  42  1025  832 
DrDebug·MA  20  27  31  39.216  1005  792 
tuf-t  18  26  22  45  1025  713 
FlameTop.MA  17  26  28  37.778  1025  674 
Totals / Av.  227  277  277  45  1037  999  50 
This was a very cool game and a crap game in different ways.  Despite people saying they couldn't make it, the turnout was completely poo.  Smebo & Tine came on irc but couldn't get on Pipex beta which unfortuately ruled them out.  Luckily Ledge managed to grab a PC at sns (with a buggered mouse :-( ) and bring our team up to 4 otherwise we would be swimming in something or other.  So the game kicked off with 4 CPs inc. 1 LPB against 5 Minos Academy with 3 LPBs :-O.
Not surprisingly, UKCLDM5 and its spread out weaponry helped in making play bloody difficult with 4 men.  Minos Academy quickly took the rl room in force (having 3 - 4 people at it through-out the game when it was there's) while CP captured our primary objective - the ra.  However, finding a weapon was tough, and spoils were shared evenly mainly due to attacks on both areas failing.  Our ra tactic wasn't working though, as the red armor room had to be left while we got a decent weapon.  Still, Minos only capatalised it once or twice, and the grenade launcher was useful for clearing it out when they did, and they never defended it with force.
On the other side, the rocket launcher room was a death trap, with attacks from the megahealth becoming impossible.  The quad was a pain in the arse to get too, because we were starting to suffer and never had the health/armor to risk getting it with MA's rockets flying everywhere.  We never got into the position of having ra/gl/quad and resulting the effect of the quad was usually one or two shotgun sniping kills.  Setting up a routine was impossible.  Minos were starting to take the lead.
Then Sid dropped.  His hard disk went bonkers due to good ol' find fast.  When he re-entered, we pulled things round.  Blokey had managed to get a rocket launcher and was destroying all in his path.  The rest of us took the grenade launcher and set about a decent raid on the rl area, which worked.  The quad started to do more though we were never in a commanding position.  Minos Academy were now dispered and so much easier to kill.  They harried back to the rl area, which they re-took with ease due to our team being stretched.  But they never controlled it again, and wave after wave of CP broke it up again.  The main fault with their tactics was lack of armor - they may have had rl but they were damn easy to kill.
Then in the last second, Blokey had a Minos trapped up against a corner in the rl room, and axed him to death hehe.
I'm quite pleased with the score overall, I mean we could have lost.  But where the hell were you all?!??