UKCL Season 2 Match 7 21/9/97 4 v 3 DM3 30mins
Clan Pendragon 116 - 36 The Riders of Telgar Weyr
Clan Scores by Frags
Individual Scores by Rank
Rel. Frags
CP·[S=p=u=d]  39  47  5  3  44  89.796  1210  2026 
CP·Dr00l  24  34  8  2  32  80  1130  1473 
CP·[Bl0keY]  2  25  21  2  23  52.273  1030  1059 
CP-Fab  2  18  15  1  17  53.125  1015  782 
RTW[TYCO]  -14  19  31  2  17  35.417  1015  782 
RTW[STATIC]  -31  20  48  3  17  26.154  1005  782 
RTW[Polymorph]  -43  10  45  8  2  4.255  1005  92 
Totals / Av.  -3  173  173  21  152  49  1059  999 
Frustrating in many ways, the most of which was probably the overal score. The Riders of Telgar Weyr are relatively new and it shows, we outclassed them - by several levels dare I say - we SHOULD have got more frags and given away much much less, but we suffered because of numbers...

Only 4 of us managed to turn up on IRC and it's probably not supprising judging by Thursdays crap turnout for praccy. Thankfully, RTW could only manage 3, but that put another dampner on things - not enough ppl to kill! Jeez it was boring at times.

I guess we got a bit over-confident going into the match and after the first half it all seemed too easy. Tactics and stuff sort of went out the window at this point as we all roamed about and went looking for frags, which was a mistake I think coz RTW eventually learnt where the rocket launcher room was, :) and actually started causing problems in the second half of the match! RTW were quite nasty at times with the sng with some supprising frags. There were other moments near the end when all-of-a-sudden, RTW appeared in numbers with rl's and knocked us silly as if they were the QL's of this world. Of course, it didn't last, but I think we gave away pointless frags. (Well, as did they - discharging in the water MANY times - often taking down a CP, :( but more often not :)).

At the same time though, being a UKCL match, we were still a bit nervy and so made other mistakes. We (myself included) kept shooting each other, stripping armour away and Spud bore the brunt of most of it. I remember one point when I was looking out of the window in the rl room (as my demo of the game shows)... a quaded CP on the top bridge obviously saw someone in there (me) and pumped a rocket in there, waited, bogged straight at me again and shot me splat on, again! Luckily I had no armour and was not in combat. Must've been lagged, or bored, or sumit. We definately need more friendlies to get this trigger-happiness out of our system. :) heh

Oh and I nearly forgot (how could I?!)... poor Fab had terrible ping problems yet again and tried out 3(!!) different connections throughout the game. If you look at the graphs you can see how the RTW come-back coincides with Fab's erratic ranking in the second half - due to his inability to move at times through that blasted ping.

As you can imagine... frustrating!