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Friday 30/04/99


Drool has our MessageBoard up and running! I'd post on it but I'm still a little deflated due to the occurances of the last few days. A sullen attitude I hate but I can't shake it :/


Thursday 29/04/99

MCW Week 3

Our game (Tuesday 4th @ 7:30pm) is against Denial on E2M2. Should be good with some serious QUAD WHORING occuring :] I'll organise some practice games over the next day or so with Psychonauts (I watched the demo! ffs 9 frags in it :). Major training required for this map methinks.

Something DOOMer said

"If you play with your clan then good teamplay is important. You have to be able to do your job and hold your position even though you're behind in frags. If you wanna be on top, go play FFA!".

MCW Praccy

I forgot to mention the practice games with Denial (we ended up playing two games). They 0wned us in the first game. Denial got into position very fast and had the map locked within about 60 seconds. They went on to complete a decent victory.

Second game was a little more exciting as noone really locked down the map for the first couple of minutes. The mighty CP skillz started to show as we got into position and proceeded to spawn frag like we love to do! :o) Denial got back into it and control changed from one team to the other. We won it by about 10-20 frags or so.

Thanks to Denial for the good games.


Wednesday 28/04/99

Problematic MCW

Our new recruit Roach (excellent player) couldn't play in the MCW this week due to rules (gotta be in a clan for 2 weeks prior to playing in a game). Von took the chance of playing by calling BarrysWorld from IE. We had the game sewn up after about 3 minutes with PN scrambling to get a RL. Von timed-out 15 minutes into the game, resulting in us playing with only 3 players for about 5 minutes. PN got their chance to get back into it and punished us with excellent camping. Shame really but these things happen.

I'm not sure of the final score, still gotta watch demo :] I don't think there was much in it at the end as I remember seeing PN in the lead by 5 frags with 1 minute to go.

Anyway, well done to PN for sticking to their task and gaining the win. I've arranged for us to have some praccy games with them on future MCW maps.


Monday 26/04/99

New Section

Quake Setup : Always a good idea for us to be using the best Quake setup possible. This section will contain the tweaks we know about, video settings for best frame rate, GL settings, useful aliases etc. It's an empty shell at the moment like all the rest of the sections :]

MCW Praccy

We've a MCW praccy game against DN tomorrow (Tuesday) at 6:30pm on DM2. Just one game before they play their league game. Should be a good test for our tactics and positioning.

DM2 Demo

Von pointed out a classic DM2 game for us to learn from. It's Z v Hemul (Cable's POV).

Section Updates

It'll take a little while before I get time to do the sections so if anyone would like to help out then contact me on IRC.


Saturday 24/04/99

Modem Skillz Opens!

I've decided to lose my lazy attitude to Quake :] So here's my attempt at creating some organisation for us HPBs!

News : Ummm general modem related news.

Modem Setup : This will be updated as and when we start organising our modem connects. I've had some success with mine as has Papman but we can't compete when our players drop mid game or get u_removes so this is probably our main priority at the moment.

Tactics : We did well on UK2 so tactics shouldn't be a problem to get up and running. I'll work on doing the layout etc based on how we won against F9. Our next game is on DM2 against PN so making tactics for this map that we agree on is a must over the weekend. We'll practice these tactics and eventually we should be able to decide on what is best. I'll create initial guides and we can tweak until everyone is happy.

Rankings : We gotta rate ourselves! Our strengths and weaknesses. This is made up of various skills that we need in order to play well as a team and also individually.

Results : Here we'll have results and reports on matches that we've played in. League games or praccy. Hopefully at least one person in each game will take the time to write a report detailing how well we played, tactical problems, dodgy moments or if we muller the opposition then how we did it :o)

MessageBoard : There are various reasons for having a message board. General chat, discussing ideas on map tactics, stuff like that. We'll see how it goes.